Meet my suppliers

Most suppliers buy through large established supply chains.. I choose to avoid all of that and instead, build a new relationships geared towards exceptional flavour and radical transparency from farm to fork.

My sustainability ethos focuses on reducing meat and fish consumption, though it is how we farm that makes the biggest impact to our planet and personal health. 

We are choosing locally produced organic, pasture-fed meat and dairy. I know who I am buying from personally. I visit the farms myself and understand where the food comes from. Farmers who have better practices know how important it is to create a climate-friendly environment. 

We are responsible for own food choices. Wise decisions will save us from enormous food waste and gives our next generation a better quality produce.

We know that by eating less but ethically sourced meat or dairy we create a good chain of habits that feeds our soil with good components and keeps our nature in harmony.


1. O’Shea’s Butchers

Whilst we were visiting my favourite food area in the Lake District, where most of the chefs are growing their produce, I was recommended to this famous butcher because they serve not only Michelin-starred restaurants, they also care about sustainable meat.

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2. Coxtie Green Farm

Tommy is a friend of mine who quit his city job and started helping his parents on the farm. I love visiting him to witness how much time he dedicates to care for happy animals. Last year they got pasteurized for life certificate.

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3. Smokin’ Brothers

This is where I get my fresh salmon which is my favourite smoked salmon. The shop owners and I met on one of the farmers market. Now we support each other on social media.

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I also get my fish from Simon Long -

4. Wild Country Organics

I get my fruits and vegetables from their farmers’ stands, luckily they are available during the weekdays as well as weekends. Their selections are always seasonal! I know this because they won’t be selling it if it's not.

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5. Windrush Valley Goat Dairy

I get the best cheese and dairy from this lovely couple. Both are devoted and happy people whose passion for goat cheeses and yoghurt transfers to one of the best products, and their cheesecake is divine!

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6. Longhshore

Simon Long fishes from the small coastal village of Blakeney on the North Norfolk coast in his dayboat Don't Know (yes that really is her name). He also works with the inshore dayboats landing on the Norfolk and North Suffolk coast.

In the sheltered waters behind Blakeney Point they grow oysters and mussels and this is where they gather samphire and winkles throughout the summer. On his stall you will also find a selection of handmade fishcakes,fishpies,soups and pates.