About me

My story starts with wind and fire; born in Baku, Azerbaijan, a country of precious traditions and a magnificent passion for food. Our tables were often adorned with mouth-watering seasonal dishes, lovingly created with the best hand-picked​?​ ingredients, to be enjoyed whilst surrounded by friends and family. Food was never just a routine; it was an experience to be shared.

It was this unique element of love that helped to craft the foundations of my life-long relationship with food. The first memory that comes to mind when I think about the start of my journey is my grandma in the kitchen, experimenting with recipes like a powerful sorceress conjuring spells; it’s easy for me to see that my passion was born here, and so was the hunger for something even deeper than what could be found at the end of my fork.

Although I never envisioned myself becoming a chef, it has always been important for me to acknowledge the responsibility we each have to positively impact the world, and even as I developed my practical skills in the kitchen of Le Cordon Bleu, my focus stayed on how the dishes I created were representing my beliefs and showing respect for the land.

When I moved to Europe fifteen years ago, I carried with me the fundamentals I had learnt through my childhood of delivering love and joy through carefully put-together dishes; no matter the difficulties I faced, I felt destined to provide happiness by using cooking as an art form, and not just a job.

While I lived in Prague I dedicated my time to a small community of children who want to learn how to cook, teaching them, and their parents, how to be healthy and connect with the land; this lesson remains at the forefront of my business even today, as I proudly work side by side with farmers and producers wherever I go.

By connecting the knowledge I have obtained with the authentic flavours from my childhood, I am able to serve a new type of love - the love for our planet.

With so many choices available, it has never been more important than to make the correct one - changing our habits now become more valuable than ever, and all it takes is one tiny change.


Food by Dana is my childhood, my experiences and my passions lovingly blended and transformed into one, positive offering.

Three dinners per week can be your simple contribution to bettering the world we live in, your opportunity to understand our nature, our land, and the community around us that still create food out of love.

Will you join me on this beautiful, delicious journey?