Do your bit for the food system, the planet and your family’s dinner time.
Saving the planet, one meal at a time.

I make a commitment to seasonal cooking by choosing ingredients that are fresh from the land, boasting great, raw flavours and representing the love that went into producing them.


Enjoy bold, flavourful and multinational recipes, inspired by European, Middle-Eastern and Asian cuisines, combined with my professional education at Le Cordon Bleu, Paris.


You no longer need to sacrifice quality for convenience - your weekly meals are flavoursome and rich in nutrients, offering you a balanced diet with zero stress.

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My ethos

We are always just one simple choice away from healing our planet, or hurting it.

Industrialization and technology have made it so convenient for us to consume essentially anything that we desire at the touch of the button, that we have found ourselves drifting further and further away from the land and sea that provided us with food in the first place.

Food by Dana is a weekly subscription box suitable for both meat-eaters and vegetarians, boasting a delicious choice of three organic, ready-made dinners per week delivered straight to your door - it is a service that preserves the convenience that we are so used to, without the major impact on our environment.

With seasonal ingredients I have bought at the Farmer’s market, not only is it an opportunity to support a major industry by eating organic food with a rich history; it is also a chance to understand our nature, land, and the community around us that still create food out of love.

Week 26 Menu
Your box will be delivered once a week and include three ready-prepared meals for the whole family to enjoy. Choose between our meat or veggie options, and the size of the feast.
Day 1
Lamb meatballs
with whole grain black Venus rice and mixed kale salad, toasted almond slices and fresh herbs
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Day 2
Roasted Salmon
with sesame seeds with potatoes and green herbs salad
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Day 3
Grilled chicken breast
with toasted chickpeas and home made kimchi “3 Chi’s”
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How it works
Pick you meal plan
You will receive a box once a week with delicious meals for 3 evening meals for the whole family. Choose between our meat or veggie options and the size of feast.
We deliver to your door
Eco-delivery every Sunday. Keep refrigerated until ready to eat. I prioritise a single delivery to avoid excess waste and emissions.
Enjoy your meal
All meals are ready to eat. Simply warm up, plate for the family and enjoy!
Instagram: @foodbydana_uk
You can watch me cook the recipes you will receive on Instagram. Check the menu, change your subscription and track your meal plan on the go.
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Check our menu, change your subscription and track your meal plan on the go.